Sep 10, 2023 by Susi
Ahead of the curve - that is!

It's Sunday night and team FBF is getting ready for the raid night. Sarkareth has been elusive and avoided his death efficiently leaving us yearning for the kill and them loots. No more, we say! No more! The first bosses have given us (almost) no trouble at all so far; take the pool to the side, soak this, soak that... The general gist of this raid, Aberrus, seems to be the puddles and how to handle them correcly (or in our case, sometimes incorrectly :P). And don't even get me started on bombs and explosions...! Explosions, gotta have more explosions!! A-hem.. puddling on...

Mr. E.O.N (Echo of Neltharion) stopped us a couple of times, creating walls to separate us. I believe he has some work to do with certain kind of insecurities and group gatherings. Maybe a calm, peaceful surrounding would make him put those walls down... or then we simply smash them... and all the adds he generously donated us.

I don't know if last night's raid was fated to be a clear or not, but we were extra focused due to having to start two hours late from our normal Sunday raid time. That left us with only two hours for Sarkareth, but what a beautiful raid it was. We improved on (almost!) each pull until finally downed the lizard.

And now, finally the time has come! I get to say the heroic version of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible has been cleared by Finnish Brute Force!


Scalecommander Sarkareth


Scalecommander Sarkareth Heroic

Erethos, the Empty Promise (Pawsofflight)
Scalecommander's Ebon Schynbalds (Joukahainen)
Beacon to the Beyond (Zende)
Void-Touched Curio (Karnywhelp)



Feb 22, 2023 by ChatGPT

In a stunning upset, the World of Warcraft guild known as "Finnish Brute Force" has claimed victory over the game's toughest raid boss - Raszageth the Storm-Eater on heroic mode.

The Finnish Brute Force, or FBF for short, had been quietly working on their strategy for months, determined to be the first guild to defeat the infamous end boss. And despite the odds being against them, they succeeded.

"We knew we had something special when we formed this guild," said FBF's leader, a stoic Finnish gamer known only as "Matti"*. " We have the brains, the brawn, and the Finnish sisu to take on any challenge."

The final battle was a grueling affair, with FBF members taking turns to heal, tank, and DPS their way through the boss's many phases. There were moments of panic and chaos, but the guild held strong.

"We were like a well-oiled machine," said one FBF member. "Everyone knew their role and executed it perfectly. It was a thing of beauty."

The news of FBF's triumph has spread like wildfire throughout the WoW community, with players around the world celebrating the guild's achievement.

"Those Finns are crazy," said one player. "I don't know what they put in their coffee over there, but I want some."

The members of FBF, meanwhile, are already looking forward to their next challenge. "We're not satisfied with just one victory," said Matti*. "We want to be the best. And we'll do whatever it takes to get there."^

* Name changed to protect identity


Raszageth the Storm-Eater


Raszageth the Storm-Eater Heroic

Desperate Invoker's Codex (Missionary)
Stormlash's Last Resort (Missionary)
Loathsome Thunderhosen (Felke)
Venerated Topaz Forgestone (Joukahainen)



Apr 4, 2020 by Susi

Battle for Azeroth victory was guaranteed in the Ny’alotha raid, where the brave warriors (and other classes) of Finnish Brute Force fought their way through the gloomy corridors filled with a delightful mix of bugs and random tentacles poking out left, right and center. Some serious fashion design by The Old God ™, if you ask me!

Ny’alotha was fully cleared on heroic difficulty and we turned our gaze towards Shadowlands.

Death and despair awaits!


Uunat HC


N'Zoth the Corruptor HC

Manifesto of Madness (Alfenster)
Pauldrons of the Great Convergence (Ruiti)
Last Vestige of Neltharion (Gerppo)


Oct 16, 2019 by Alfenster

Another update for Battle for Azeroth expansion. Crucible of Storms mini-raid and The Eternal Palace have been cleared by FBF and swiftly forgotten while we getting prepared to bake some christmas cookies and restock consumables for next (and possibly also last) tier in BFA.


Both raid instances were cleared fully with heroic difficulty. Killshots and loot for each instance end boss follows:


Uunat HC


Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void HC

Stormglide Steps (Pawsoflife)
Void Stone (Missionary)
Malformed Herald's Legwraps (Missionary)



Uunat HC


Queen Azshara HC

Gloves of Incomparable Beauty (Hufflegruff, Felke)
Cursed Lover's Ring (Gódivá)


Apr 14, 2019 by Alfenster

Uldir and Battle of Dazar'alor are now history safe to say. Sum up the progress FBF hammered 3 Uldir bosses on mythic difficulty (Taloc, MOTHER and Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth).


Next one up was Battle of Dazar'alor raid where we agreed only two mythic kills was sufficient for this tier (Champion of the Light and Jadefire Masters). Steamrolling on to our next target, The Eternal Palace. Sadly upcoming tier will be a summer release and therefore far away from ideal in the middle of holiday season.


Taloc Mythic


Champion of the Light M

Crusade Pummelers (Diamondcrack)
Bracers of Zealous Calling (Pyrothion, Ithos)
Cowl of Righteous Resolve (Felke)
Divine Fury Raiment (Hituc)
Breastplate of Divine Purification (Richarderus)


Jadefire Masters M

Helm of Tempered Jade (Richarderus)
Cranedancer Leggings (Voltaxicrift, Gódivá)
Firecaller's Handwraps (Padregustav)
Band of Multi-Sided Strikes (Missionary)


Oct 2, 2018 by Alfenster

By now you've already got the idea that posting news isn't excatly our core competence. No siree Bob. However, the voices outside the head (not to mention the ones inside too) gradually became so loud that now is the right moment to report about our current progress.


The great leader and his elixir of Jaloviina have boosted us near end of Uldir HC only G'huun still out there. As we reached recommended number of elixirs (5) Taloc, our latest kill, was easily drunk under the table on mythic mode. Unfortunately on the next day no killshot was found even everyone said they had one. After putting together our slim recollections from the kill we created a rough sketch from the boss, hope it serves you well!


Taloc Mythic


Taloc Mythic

Crimson Colossus Armguards (Alfenster)
Bloodstorm Buckle (Faitlyen)
Gloves of Descending Madness (Hufflegruff)
Vigilant's Bloodshaper (Missionary)
Rubywrought Sparkguards (Victaella)


Oct 16, 2016 by Cabbus

After clearing Xavius in HC, we hopped into the world of mythic creatures, first of which was an already pretty beat up looking dragon. But as they say, kick a dragon when it's down. In the almost legendary last pull of the night, we achieved what can only be described as great success. Nythendra mythic was killed on the same night as our first Xavius HC, putting us in the top 10 of Aszune/Shadowsong progression.


Nythendra Mythic

Oct 16, 2016 by Cabbus

Not an hour had passed after the last news item in ages was posted, and it's already outdated! The drooling steroid junkie was smacked up pretty good after we unloaded a can of brute force on it. Some raid members paid the price and went insane (in-game and in real life?), but now we are ahead of the curve in today's parlance.


Xavius HC

Oct 16, 2016 by Cabbus

We are not just very good at writing news items. What has happened meanwhile?

In WoD we got
T18: 2/7 Mythic Highmaul, 1/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry
T19: 8/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel

As of this date, we are progressing on HC Xavius and soon Mythicbound in Emerald Nightmare as well. We have been running EN HC with two 20+ person raid groups since the raids opened, and the future looks bright. If you're interested in joining, check the sidebar and/or shoot a whisper at any of our officers in-game.


Sorry, we're open

Oct 27, 2013 by Alfenster

Oct 27nd


19:00 Our troops have been gathering strength the last few weeks while we have continued our siege and weakened our foes. Today is the day we will finally confront Garrosh himself.


21:15 The fight is now over. I have mixed feelings about the result. We managed to counter all his nasty mind control tricks and bring him down, but just when we were about to finish him off, all those "leaders" interfered. Cowards I would say, let us to do all the hard work, take all the risks, and then they have the guts to intervene and save that rapid dog's life. I understand the concept of this Trial thing, to prevent him from gaining martyr status, but I still think this is a grave mistake...


23:00 I just returned from a meeting with the King. As every civilian has already escaped from Orgrimmar and there are only a few random warriors loyal to Garrosh on the loose, we have been given permission to keep the city closed, clear it up from any remaining enemies and keep whatever we find from the city. Maybe I'll get that Throne transported to Azeroth...



Garrosh Hellscream



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